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The prospect of declaring bankruptcy is a daunting one, and something you shouldn’t have to face alone. Located in Canton, Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA assists Ohio clients in a full range of debt relief matters, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. From completing confusing paperwork to representing your interests before creditors and the court, my firm is committed to making the process as simple and painless as possible. I also handle foreclosure defense cases and other types of debt negotiations to obtain more favorable terms for people dealing with a financial setback. When you’re having money problems, time is of the utmost importance. Acting quickly and hiring an attorney when you miss credit card payments or when your business starts failing is the first step in gaining control over your finances.

Committed advocate guides clients through Chapter 7 debt discharge proceedings

Through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can eliminate nonexempt debts and work on rebuilding your credit. My firm assists with each step of the process, such as:   

  • Eligibility requirements — Not everyone is eligible for Chapter 7 relief. You must pass a means test, which is designed to show that your income is low enough to qualify you for debt forgiveness through Chapter 7. I can examine your current finances along with your bankruptcy to determine if this is the right process for you. If not, a Chapter 13 repayment program might work.
  • Filing and automatic stay — After assembling the necessary information, my firm can file your petition with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Once the filing is accepted, the court issues an automatic stay. This means that creditors, their collection agencies and other agents acting on their behalf cannot contact you or take action on your debt while your case is being resolved by the court. For example, a utility company is not permitted to cut off service once the stay is established.
  • Section 341 creditors’ meeting — The assigned bankruptcy trustee convenes a Section 341 meeting where creditors can attend and make claims in order to collect partial repayment from your remaining assets. My firm will act on your behalf in the creditors’ meeting as well as in hearings before the bankruptcy court, if necessary.
  • Liquidation of assets — Depending on your circumstances, some assets might need to be sold in order to help repay what is owed to creditors. However, certain essentials are excluded from liquidation, and I press for a fair outcome that gives debtors the best chance to put their financial problems behind them.
  • Debt discharge and making a fresh start — When the court approves the terms of the bankruptcy, nonexempt debts are discharged and you can make a financial fresh start with confidence and without the fear of creditor harassment.

Before you start, I make sure you have a thorough understanding of the benefits that you can gain through a well-handled bankruptcy, as well as the types of debts, including taxes, school loans and back child support, that usually cannot be discharged under Chapter 7.

Skillful counselor helps to develop Chapter 13 repayment plans

So many people rely on each paycheck to meet their needs that a medical problem, divorce or unexpected repair expense could put them in a position where they cannot catch up on their bills even if they have a steady job. In these situations, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the proper solution. Filing for this type of relief also halts collection actions while a workable repayment plan is reviewed by the court. I closely examine clients’ income information, their current obligations and potential revisions to debt terms in order to create a program that fits with their budget and allows them to keep their home and car. Upon approval by the court, the Chapter 13 plan can be completed over a three- to five-year period.

Proven firm advises on foreclosure defense and other debt relief options

Bankruptcy is not the only way to resolve money troubles. My firm performs a detailed debt analysis and assesses whether negotiation with creditors might help you overcome your financial challenges while avoiding some negative consequences. Using my knowledge of the law and negotiation skills, I might be able to help you avoid harsh penalties such as wage garnishment and repossession. Negotiation can be especially useful in foreclosure defense matters where both the homeowner and lender are oftentimes motivated to modify mortgage terms so that the borrower can make payments and remain in their residence.

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At my firm, Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA in Canton, I represent Ohio clients in bankruptcy proceedings and other debt relief matters. To schedule a free consultation regarding your options, please call 330-649-2372 or contact me online.     

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