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After a marriage ends, the parties no longer share assets. This can put a stay-at-home spouse into a difficult position. Spousal support, often referred to as alimony, is designed to help people address their financial needs while a divorce is pending and after the marital union has been dissolved. Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA in Canton provides northeast Ohio clients comprehensive counsel on spousal support issues. Whether you believe you are entitled to payments or are being asked to send funds to your former spouse, I apply my four decades of legal experience to making sure that you understand how the law affects your situation and to pursuing a fair result through negotiation, mediation or litigation.

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Disputes often arise over whether spousal support should be granted as well as over the amount and duration of payments. I deliver strong advocacy to Ohio clients in matters relating to:

  • Temporary spousal support — As soon as one party files for divorce, a wife or husband can petition the court for an order granting temporary spousal support while the divorce is pending. My firm strives to reach consensus on these terms so that you can focus on long-range issues, such as child custody, property division and post-divorce spousal support.
  • Post-divorce spousal support — When spouses are unable to agree on post-divorce payments, judges examine relevant information to reach a decision. Ohio law names 14 specific factors that are to be considered, including the duration of the marriage, each party’s income and earning ability and how each party may have contributed to the other’s education and/or career. Based on analysis of these factors, I develop a strategy for a support arrangement that best suits your situation.
  • Modifications and termination — Circumstances can change significantly in the years after a marriage is dissolved. If either party dies or the spousal support recipient remarries, the payment obligation ends. The parties can agree to make support terms subject to modification in the event of a significant financial change, cohabitation with a new romantic partner or some other contingency. If you’re negotiating a spousal support agreement or looking to revise the terms of an existing order, my firm offers knowledgeable guidance.

There are many options that couples have when attempting to resolve spousal support disputes. I will help you analyze whether periodic payments or a lump sum would be in your best interests. I provide insight on issues that you might have overlooked, such as tax consequences associated with alimony payments. I also advise on how a court might determine the amount of time a spousal support recipient needs to establish, or re-establish, an ability to meet their own financial needs.

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