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Often, the decision to adopt a child comes after a long period of reflection and preparation. At that point, a new journey starts that takes many months or even years. Drawing on more than 40 years of legal experience, Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA in Canton provides Ohio residents with strong, compassionate guidance to on each facet of the adoption process. Whether you’re using an adoption agency, seeking an international placement or considering becoming the legal parent of a young person you already know, my firm is ready to serve as a trusted adviser and advocate.

Firm outlines options for people who want to bring a child into their home

Before you take steps to initiate an adoption, you should thoroughly explore the options available. I use my extensive family law background to counsel Ohioans on such choices as:

  • Choosing an open or closed process — When parties to an adoption will remain in contact after the child is welcomed into the new family, this is referred to as an open adoption process. The birth mother and adopting parents are free to make whatever arrangements they choose, but Ohio does not enforce the terms of these agreements if one side no longer wishes to abide by the previous understanding.
  • Private versus foster care adoptions — Families can adopt a child through the foster care system or can complete a private adoption by using an agency or working directly with the birth parents. If you’re unsure about which path is best for you, I’ll outline the potential benefits and drawbacks of each one. Should you decide on a private adoption, my firm handles the necessary legal arrangements and addresses concerns that might exist about the termination of the birth mother’s and father’s parental rights.
  • International or domestic placements — Some prospective parents seek to adopt a child from another country for humanitarian or other reasons. In these matters, I help clients navigate the requirements of the child’s native land as well as the applicable Ohio provisions.

Adding a child to your family through adoption is a life-changing event, and delays and procedural hurdles can be frustrating. Whatever path you decide to take, I am determined to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Skillful advocate guides families through placement requirements

My firm is dedicated to preparing clients for each aspect of the procedure mandated by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services in order to finalize an adoption. This includes advising about the requisite adoptive parent training, home study and background-check documentation. Once the child is placed into your home, at least six months must pass before legal parenthood can be established. There are also support services available to deal with issues that might arise after the adoption is completed.

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