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Tax matters are often complicated and failure to handle them correctly can result in substantial interest and penalties. When you are having difficulty paying what you owe or have received a delinquency notice from the IRS or the Ohio Department of Taxation, you need prompt, knowledgeable counsel from a trustworthy adviser. At Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA in Canton, I rely on four decades of legal experience to find lasting solutions to my clients’ tax problems. Regardless of what your particular issue entails, I’ll outline your options and advocate to protect your interests. My firm is committed to helping you avoid unnecessary costs and sanctions while working out feasible payment terms.

Dedicated attorney assists with filing issues and offers in compromise

Trying to resolve tax problems on your own can sometimes make things worse. You can count on me to protect your interests in situations involving:

  • Filing issues — If unexpected events or other factors have prevented you from filing your individual or business tax return, my firm can work with tax officials to obtain needed extensions and avert harsh sanctions.
  • Releases of levies and liens — Government agencies have numerous ways to compel the payment of back taxes. The IRS or Ohio Department of Taxation can put a lien on your real property or other assets, limiting your ability to transfer or receive value for your property. Through negotiation, I seek to have liens discharged or withdrawn so that clients can enjoy their asset without encumbrances. Authorities also can use levies to take property from someone who owes taxes. If you believe that a levy has been commenced in error or if it is causing you severe economic hardship, my firm will make every effort to have the levy released.
  • Offers in compromise — Taxpayers who cannot meet their obligations can apply for an offer in compromise, which allows them to stop collection actions by making a partial payment to the IRS or Ohio Department of Taxation. Since it can be difficult to gain approval for these plans, I review clients’ circumstances thoroughly to create a proposal that is likely to win acceptance.
  • Litigation — In certain situations, a tax authority might file a lawsuit to gain control of your home to pay back taxes. Litigation might also ensue if you need to undo an improper action taken against you. I am an accomplished trial advocate who can develop forceful arguments to support your position during negotiations or in court.

Dealing with government bodies over tax concerns can be intimidating. My firm clearly outlines the pertinent legal standards and stands up for your rights no matter what type of relief you seek.

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