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Ohio family law attorney handles matrimonial litigation and parenting disputes

Keeping your emotions in check might be tough when you’re involved in a situation that requires an experienced family law attorney. My Canton firm, Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA, is committed to successfully resolving domestic legal matters for Ohio clients with the professionalism and compassion that they deserve. Whether you’re going through a divorce, interested in adoption or seeking counsel on another type of family law concern, the decisions you make now will change your life for many years to come. Accordingly, choosing a proven attorney can not only help you obtain the result you seek now, but can make a positive difference for you and the people closest to you.

Thorough advocate guides clients through the divorce process

No matter what led to your divorce, the process is usually not pleasant. However, effective legal guidance from a compassionate attorney will help you to manage during a difficult time. My firm starts by ensuring that divorcing spouses are aware of the legal standards that might affect them and their future by explaining issues such as:

  • Property distribution — Spouses who cannot agree on how to divide marital assets and debts are subject to a determination by the court under Ohio’s equitable distribution law where property acquired during a marriage is distributed based on what the judge thinks is fair, but not necessarily equal.
  • Spousal support — What many people refer to as alimony is known in Ohio as spousal support. Numerous factors are used by courts when evaluating if a spouse who has a higher income should be required to make payments to the other party during and after the divorce. My firm reviews the circumstances in each case and advises clients on how to proceed.
  • Legal separation — You can seek a legal separation in the Court of Common Pleas if you no longer wish to live with your spouse while remaining legally married. In these situations, I help separating spouses make the same type of arrangements one would see in a divorce.
  • Child custody and support — For parents who end their marriage, the top priority should be the establishment of appropriate guidelines for custody, visitation and child support. Even if you can’t reach consensus on other issues, my firm works diligently to create parenting plans that promote positive communication and enable young people to maintain strong relationships with both parents. My firm also assists with matters relating to initial child support rates as well as modification and enforcement actions.

With the help of a trustworthy advocate, you can pursue divorce terms that meet your needs and relieve your worries.

Capable lawyer helps with Adoption process

Bringing a child into your home through adoption is a joyous commitment and a profound legal responsibility. Whether you’re seeking a public or private placement, my firm assists you at every phase of your journey. I will prepare the necessary documentation and outline the steps required by the state’s Office of Families and Children, including the parent training, home study and finalization of legal adoption in Probate Court. 

Compassionate advocate represents individuals seeking legal guardianship

Two types of guardianship exist when parents are unable to handle their responsibilities. Guardianship of the Person refers to situations where another adult is legally responsible for providing daily care to a youth, also known as a ward. If a parent is not capable of protecting their son or daughter’s financial interests, a Guardianship of the Estate can be appointed. Someone can be named to serve both functions. Should you believe that a young person close to you might need legal intervention or if your parental rights are being challenged, I will review the facts and outline your options.  

Accomplished adviser assists with prenuptial agreements

Officially known as antenuptial agreements under Ohio law, contracts between prospective spouses must adhere to certain standards in order to be enforced during a divorce. Prenuptial agreements outlining which assets would not be divisible in a divorce must be based on a full disclosure of relevant information between the parties. Moreover, the documents cannot encourage divorce by, for example, providing a large economic incentive to dissolve a marriage by or after a certain date. When assisting clients with these documents, I take the time to make sure that each party understands how the prenuptial agreement would affect property division and alimony terms if the marriage does not work out.

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