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At Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA in Canton, I offer knowledgeable guidance on concerns pertaining to trusts and estates. If you’re considering creating a trust to distribute your assets or require counsel during an estate administration dispute, my firm is prepared to advise you on the relevant legal standards so you can determine the best way to move forward. Having handled a full range of matters associated with wills, trusts, probate proceedings and other aspects of estate planning, you can count on me to find effective solutions to your toughest challenges.  

Firm creates trusts to address concerns about probate and fund charities

Establishing a trust can help you fulfill various estate planning goals. When working with individuals and families, I help them explore different types of trusts that might achieve the result they want, such as:

  • Living trusts — Some people choose to transfer the bulk of their assets through a living trust rather than a will. Living trusts are legal instruments that can be changed or revoked at any time before the trust creator’s death. The person moves their property into the trust and can access it for the remainder of their life, naming one or more beneficiaries. When the trust creator dies, any beneficiaries receive the property that remains in the trust without having to wait through the probate process. 
  • Trusts to reduce estate taxes and qualify for long-term care benefits — When someone moves funds or other types of property into an irrevocable trust, they are no longer owned by the individual. In some cases, this can reduce potential estate tax liability or enable someone to qualify for long-term care benefits. Ohio no longer has its own estate tax and the federal estate tax exemption for an individual is now higher than $11 million, though that could change in the future. If you believe that your estate might approach that amount or you’re wondering about Medicaid eligibility for nursing home care, my firm can help you determine if a trust is in your best interests.
  • Charitable and special needs trusts — Trusts can operate both during one’s lifetime and afterward. This makes them a good option for people who want to devote funds to specific priorities regardless of what happens in the future. I assist clients with the establishment of charitable trusts as well as trusts designed to provide financial support for loved ones with special needs.

As a seasoned Ohio wills and probate attorney, I provide personalized guidance regarding trusts and how they fit in with other elements of your estate plan.

Effective litigator represents clients in will and trust disputes

Regardless of the particular circumstances, disputes over wills and trusts could become long and expensive. My firm advocates on behalf of clients in these cases and seeks a result that honors the true intentions of the testator or trust creator. Whether the conflict involves a question regarding the creation of the legal instrument or an alleged breach of fiduciary duty by the trustee or estate representative, I will outline the relative merits of each side’s claim and press for a prompt, favorable result.  

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