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If you are concerned about a family member or friend who may lack the physical or mental well-being needed to care for themselves, you may want to consider establishing a legal guardianship. At Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA in Canton, I provide sound counsel on the type of arrangement that will work best based on a thorough review of your situation. Whether you’re considering transferring legal authority on a limited basis or managing all of an individual’s personal and property matters, I will help you safeguard the interests of the person you care about.

Established firm handles guardianship and conservatorship proceedings

An Ohio court will issue a letter of guardianship if it is determined that person lacks the ability to take proper care of himself or herself. To make a compelling case for guardianship, my firm collects evaluations from medical experts and presents evidence that the proposed guardian is an appropriate person to assume responsibility. I advise on all types of legal relationships in this area, including:

  • Guardianship of the person — In this arrangement, the guardian is responsible for matters relating to the protected person’s general well-being, which can include housing needs, medical treatment, nutrition, education and occupational training.
  • Guardianship of the estate — A person who seeks to handle the financial matters for an individual can petition to become guardian of their estate. If you believe that a loved one is incapable of making responsible decisions about money, I will pursue an order that authorizes you to make financial transactions and take legal action on that person’s behalf. It is possible to be both the guardian of the person and of the estate.
  • Conservatorship — When a disabled adult is not mentally impaired but requires assistance to handle physical tasks, creating a conservatorship might be the right option. For example, someone who cannot leave their home might need a person they trust to go to the bank for them. A conservatorship is a voluntary arrangement that can be revoked at the protected person’s request. My firm offers personalized counsel in devising a legal instrument that suits everyone’s needs.

A guardianship may be granted on a limited basis when someone trustworthy is needed to make decisions regarding a particular issue or concern. This might occur if someone is capable of handling most things on their own but isn’t able to deal with a complex tax or estate matter. Whatever the situation demands, I’ll draw up a document that is properly focused and that offers protection to the person in need without unnecessarily limiting their legal rights.

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Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA handles a full range of legal matters associated with Ohio guardianships and conservatorships. To make an appointment for a free initial consultation, please call 330-649-2372 or contact me online. My office is in Canton.

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