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Anyone can experience a serious financial setback. Sometimes debtors have the time and resources to pay back what they owe, but if that’s not possible, Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers the opportunity to eliminate credit card debt and other burdensome obligations. At Douglas D. Jones Co., LPA in Canton, I am committed to giving clients a financial fresh start by guiding them effectively through the bankruptcy process. If you’re being tormented by calls from creditors or threatened with the loss of property or services, my firm can outline what type of legal protection is available. Having assisted northeast Ohio clients for more than 40 years, I can provide trustworthy counsel no matter how severe your money troubles may seem.

Skillful advocate handles each aspect of debt discharge proceedings

Some people might try to avoid bankruptcy because they wrongly think that the process is extremely difficult or that it signifies some sort of wrongdoing on their part. On the contrary, serious financial problems usually result from events that are out of a person’s control, such as a health problem, divorce or unexpected job loss. Living with the constant fear that accompanies substantial debt threatens the well-being and potential of hardworking people. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a remedy created specifically to help these debtors move ahead with confidence. If you believe that you may benefit from this type of relief, my firm can walk you through every aspect of the process, including:

  • Eligibility — Not everyone is eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A “means test” is used to determine if you have a sufficient income and assets to address your debt problem in a different way. Also, you are not able to receive this protection if you received a Chapter 7 debt discharge within the previous eight years. If you are not eligible for Chapter 7, a Chapter 13 repayment plan might be the proper solution.
  • Filing an automatic stay — Once you file for Chapter 7, a trustee is appointed to oversee your case and an automatic stay is granted. The stay prohibits creditors from engaging in collection efforts during the course of the bankruptcy proceedings. The stay also prevents utilities providers from shutting off service as long as you give them adequate assurance of payment.
  • Creditors’ meeting — The bankruptcy trustee convenes a meeting where creditors have a chance to detail their specific claims. This helps to develop a plan to distribute any funds that might be available to repay a portion of your debts.
  • Liquidation and discharge of debts — Some of the assets you own may have to be sold off (liquidated) in order to compensate creditors, though certain personal items and some of your home equity are protected. Once the liquidation process is complete, the court approves the bankruptcy and your nonexempt debts will be discharged, relieving your burden and giving you the chance to start rebuilding your credit.
  • Exempted debts — Some debts remain after a Chapter 7 case is completed. Back child support, recent income tax obligations and the money owed on student loans usually must be repaid regardless of the bankruptcy discharge. I go over each type of debt with clients so they understand what the eventual result should be.

My firm offers skillful, personalized counsel for all types of debt relief matters and maintains cost-effective rates so you can commence your Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding without hesitation.

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